Wine Club Faqs

Where does Shadowfax deliver to?

Shadowfax delivers wine anywhere within Australia. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer international shipping through our website.

What wines will be in my shipment?

Shadowfax is dedicated to providing the best wines for your wine club shipment. One option is to let our winemaking team select and send you the best and latest wines we have to offer. The other option is to choose all your own wines …the choice is yours!

When will my first dozen be shipped?

On subscription

I will be away during my next shipment, what can I do?

If you will be away during the time of shipping, you can re-route your shipment to an address that will be able to receive it on your behalf. Simply log in and edit shipping details for the current shipment. You can also contact the Shadowfax team to enquire on delaying your shipment, that way you still receive the wines you want.

Can I change the address my wine is shipped to?

If you have moved or would like to permanently change your shipping address you can do this by logging in to your account and editing your shipping address.

When will my credit card be charged?

For your first subscription shipment, payment will be taken at the time of checkout. Subsequent shipments will be charged every 6 months thereafter until cancellation.

I want to cancel my membership…how do I do this?

You may cancel your membership at any time by calling us on +61 (03) 9731 4420 or online by logging into your account and cancelling you Wine Club subscription.