Brand new Straws Lane Pinot Noir awarded 96 Points

New to the Shadowfax stable, this Straws Lane vineyard was planted in the 1980s to Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer. Closely planted, it is perched on the north side of Mount Macedon and almost kisses the clouds at 800m above sea level. The vines grow on a north-facing granite outcrop, producing grapes with great acid and fragrance. It's a truly unique site among those in the Macedon Ranges. 

"This is a new wine for Shadowfax. Close planted in the 80s, while wearing tight T-shirts and a pair of Scoops, sitting 800m up on the north side of Mount Macedon. A moderate 20% new oak employed. This trio of 2019 Shadowfax are hitting new heights (pun intended). What a delight. The whole shootin’ match. The dark cherry flavour. The sliding graphite tannin. The cool ‘mineral’ acidity. The length. It's floral, seasoned with spice and dried herb, offers bass and treble, clean lines, and makes you want to drink it with a feverish haste, which is a rare admission for this little piggy. It’s a beauty."