Cellar Door

Enjoy a curated wine tasting experience at the celebrated Cellar Door at Shadowfax Wines in Werribee. Guests have the opportunity to sample our premium Shadowfax Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines from the Macedon Ranges, and our Minnow wines from Werribee.

Set in picturesque surroundings, visitors are greeted byShadowfax's knowledgeable staff and guided througheach wine's unique characteristics and the winemaking process. It's a memorable journey into the world of fine Australian wines and Shadowfax's range of current single vineyard and varietal releases.

30min from Melbourne, the Cellar Door is openWednesday to Sunday - 11am-5pm

Green Vineyard Werribee Green Vineyard Werribee

All about Werribee

Werribee combines natural beauty, historical landmarks, and modern amenities, making it a diverse and vibrant suburb within the greater Melbourne area.

Shadowfax Winery Grapes Harvesting Shadowfax Winery Grapes Harvesting

Winemaking Style

Characterised by a commitment to quality, authenticity, and respect for the unique, cool-climate terroir of the Macedon Ranges, as well as the more maritime influence of Werribee and Geelong regions, resulting in wines that are distinctive and memorable.

Shadowfax Winery Food Shot Shadowfax Winery Food Shot

Flavour & Food Match

Experimenting with different food and wine pairings can be a delightful journey of discovery, allowing you to find combinations that perfectly suit your palate and enhance your dining experiences.

So if you're looking for a Shadowfax tasting adventure where every glass tells a story, every sip a journey into the heart of our winemaking craft, come and visit us.

Let us show you the magic of our Shadowfax and Minnow wines and elevate your tasting journey to new heights by showing you through our full range of current releases, and prized museum wines when available.

Let the wine adventure begin!